Cloning a database

Dave Tibbetts

Cloning a database
We're running DB/2 7.1.0 on a z/VM 4.3.0 machine. I'm trying to clone a
production database to a test server. I've copied all the server
minidisks from prod to test and updated the FDEF file. SQLDBGEN and
SQLDBID files are correct as well.

When I try to bring up the machine to do a Coldlog, I receive...

ARI0944D Do you wish to reformat or reconfigure?
Enter 0 to REFORMAT (erase only log data).
Enter 1 to RECONFIGURE (erase log data and log history).
ARI0040E A database manager system error occurred - *ARIYL08 10*.

When I look up ARIYL08 (there is no subcode 10 in the msgs and codes) it
seems to point to a lack of virtual storage. So I've upped the machine
from 30meg to 60,to 128 to 1024meg and still get the same error.

Has anyone seen this type of error before?


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