Inplace reorg during online backup

Fred Sobotka

Inplace reorg during online backup

I was a little surprised to see this restriction in the usage notes way
down at the bottom of the DB2 UDB V8.1 online manual page for REORG:

"REORG TABLE cannot be used on a DMS table while an online backup of a
table space in which the table resides is being performed."

While this seems entirely reasonable for an offline REORG, I don't see why
an inplace reorg couldn't occur during a backup. After all, if the
db2reorg process is logging everything it does, why wouldn't it be
compatible with nightly backups? With many of my tables taking weeks to
reorg via the inplace method, I certainly hope that the above quote from
the manual is incorrect and should be clarified to apply to offline reorgs
only. Otherwise, it looks like I'll need to write scripts to automate the
pausing and resuming of inplace reorgs around the nightly backup job.

I'm fairly certain that someone out there has done this, so could someone
please verify that they have indeed performed an inplace reorg on a DMS
table while that tablespace was being backed up? Admittedly, there may be
a potential conflict with a running backup if the online reorg is finished
and is trying to truncate the table, but some of my inplace reorgs could
run for many days before reaching that point.


Fred Sobotka

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