??: [DB2-L] MERGECOPY uses too many VTS drives at once

Rohn Solecki

??: [DB2-L] MERGECOPY uses too many VTS drives at once
Thanks for the info, it may help for other issues, unfortunately it doesn't apply to MERGECOPY (I checked in the web version of the Utility manual, and then realized our local copy is 4 updates of of date, oops)

Rohn Solecki
Software Developer

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You may try OPTION utility TAPEUNITS parameter, like this:


which specifies 2 parallel tasks and using 2 tape drivers.

I believe this can help you limit the number of tape drivers used ,if you have PQ56293 installed on Version 7.

Detailed information in UTILITY GUIDE Chap, good luck!

Huang Hao
DB2 for z/OS DBA
Data Center(Shanghai),ICBC

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?¡Â¨¬a¡êo [DB2-L] MERGECOPY uses too many VTS drives at once

DB2 V7.1 z/OS 1.2

We are doing MERGECOPY using LISTDEF. We have had a contention problem where each job takes as many VTS logical tape drives as it can, so that by the time the 3rd job is running, all of the available tape drives have been taken. This blocks other higher priority jobs.

There is no mention in the Utility manual of a parameter to limit number of parallel processes, like there is in the IMAGE COPY utility. Other than splitting up the single large job into smaller pieces, reducing the number of tables in the MERGECOPY step can anyone suggest a way to limit the number of VTS tapes a job uses (as I write this I realized I'll have to check with our VTS expert and see if there is a VTS option that will help).

Rohn Solecki

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