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J. Michael Morrilll

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All the list owner, I like to past on to you information about other sources of information that may be of interest to the DB2

The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN) is on such source. Enclosed is an announcement I received from TDAN


J. Michael Morrill
DB2-L Chief List Owner

Dear Readers,

It has been a month since issue ten of was posted to the internet.
The newsletter received over 100K hits in the first few weeks of
September. My sincere thanks to you for your interest in ;~)

Please allow me to briefly make you aware of updates to the newsletter
since September 1 and also call several items to your attention:

The monthly perspective column for October comes from Bill Lewis of CTP and
addresses XML and XML schemas. New jobs have been posted in the job
classified section (if you like NYC -- take a look), the conference list
has been updated, and organization (mostly DAMA) updates have been added.

Newly added to the newsletter this issue: will reimburse you for the price of the book if you have a book
review published in the newsletter. For more information, visit the Book
Review section of the newsletter or send me an email.

I have been working with Bill Lewis to provide a TDANews Board on the main
menu that is updated WEEKLY (for Monday) with links to news stories that
may have slipped through the mainstream cracks. PLEASE tell me what you
think of the TDANews feature and send us links to stories that you think
will interest readers.

Include in your plans for the new millenium a trip to Orlando, Florida
(USA) for the 10th Annual WRAD (Warehouse, Repoitory, Architecture,
Development) conference in February. Zachman, Devlin, Ross, Gorman, and
many other known industry experts will be giving presentations. I will
also be giving a presentation titled, "Metadata Architecture to Support the
Enterprise". Visit to learn more about the conference.

As always, I am accepting articles and columns for use in future issues of
the newsletter. The next new set of articles will be published on December
1 (deadline November 1), HOWEVER ... the newsletter is constantly being
updated. If you have not yet visited issue 10, please stop by soon and let
me know your thoughts.

Best Regards.
Bob Seiner

Robert (Bob) S. Seiner
Publisher - The Data Administration Newsletter (
Principal Consultant - CIBER Custom Solutions Group (