Repost: DB2 UDB EEE for NT Rocks Intel Developers Conference

J. Michael Morrilll

Repost: DB2 UDB EEE for NT Rocks Intel Developers Conference

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Dear DB2 Interested Parties,

At the Intel Development Conference (IDF) September 2, 1999, DB2 UDB EEE for NT
was on stage with keynote speaker John Miner, Vice President and General Manager
of the Communications Products Group, Intel Corporation. Included within his
keynote address, "Server Technology Advancements for the Internet Economy", was
a demonstration by David Yeger, Enterprise Architect, Merrill Lynch, of a
next-generation Broker Information Management application using DB2 UDB EEE
Version 6.1 running on a 16-node Windows NT cluster. (See John Miner's
transcript at ).

Here is the description of the event/demo (from the Intel IDF News website at

"The racked servers on stage simulated a new system and application recently
developed at Merrill Lynch. The goal of the system is to provide an information
and transactional system that could process at least 250 concurrent transactions
per second, with only 1 second response time for the customer. Using a 16-node
cluster, Merrill Lynch surpassed its goal by processing 320 transactions per
second." 320 transactions per second! Note that these are "real" transactions
that drive Merrill Lynch's Trusted Global Advisor (TGA) workstations.

Please let me know if your want more information on Merrill Lynch's
demonstration and I will send you Intel's white paper: "Demonstrating a Solution
and the Benefits of Intel® Server Cluster Using VI Architecture for Multi-Tier
Internet-based Enterprise Applications" (173 KB .pdf file).

Also, check out the DB2 Universal Database for Windows NT Website ( ). At the site you can link to
the latest DB2 for NT case studies ( ), such as
ErgoTech International Inc., MEXX, and Optimum Software Solutions. These new
case studies join the growing number of major companies with critical
applications executing on DB2 for NT.

Regards, Mike
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