Repost: New Book: The Essential Guide to Data Warehousing

J. Michael Morrilll

Repost: New Book: The Essential Guide to Data Warehousing

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Dear DB2 Interested Parties,

Lou Agosta, industry analyst at Giga Information Group, has recently
published a new book on data warehousing and knowledge engineering.
Below is an abstract about the book.

You can order the book from your favorite online or local bookstore.

Regards, Mike
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The Essential Guide to Data Warehousing
by Lou Agosta
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
ISBN: 0-13-085087-X
For further information, contact:
Prentice Hall Corporate Sales Department, [login to unmask email], 800/382-3419
or Lou Agosta at [login to unmask email]
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Hi Mike !

Here is a blurb on The Essential Guide to Data Warehousing.

When I started writing this book, The Essential Guide to Data Warehousing
(Prentice Hall, 1999), last autumn, it was the first book on data
warehousing and knowledge engineering. It is still the ONLY book on data
warehousing and knowledge engineering that has a complete, consistent
definition of knowledge from both a technical and business point of view and
can explain the relation (and difference) between them.

This data warehousing book addresses business leaders and data warehousing
beginners. It explains the benefits, risks, technologies, and processes
with directness, insight, and clarity. The book shows how data warehousing
can dramatically reduce business uncertainty by transforming a tidal wave of
data into knowledge you can act on.

The Essential Guide to Data Warehousing presents the quantitative business
case and helps the business leader, manager, and information technology
staff evaluate the key data warehousing applications and infrastructures in
the context of your own enterprise. You will learn how to use data
warehousing to reduce supply chain management costs, be more effective in
cross-selling, strengthen customer and brand relationships, promote product
quality, and more. The reader will discover how to align the business and
technical goals for data warehousing. The data warehousing project
lifecycle from planning through implementation and optimization is engaged.
Understand what can go wrong and how to avoid it. Coverage includes
creating unified representations of customers, products, and other essential
structures; managing data quality as the key to successful data warehousing;
the basic of data warehousing technical design; guidelines for data
warehouse operations; web-enabled data warehousing, metadata and other key

Ultimately the book will just have to speak for itself. If you wish, check
out a sample chapter and a more detailed table of contents at [PrenticeHall], and then go to to order
the book with "one click." Hey, order it where ever you please.
The one slight bit of disagreement I have with the publisher is that the
back cover says the book avoids "jargon and hype." I believe this is true.
However, make no mistake about it -- and rest assured -- this book is fully
buzzword compliant!!! In my opinion, the substantial twenty-five page
glossary is itself worth the price of the book. Enjoy.

Finally, let me say just how pleased I am as an author with the job that
Prentice Hall PTR has done in producing this book. Even in this age of the
digital economy, with its two part infrastructure of the Internet and the
database (of which data warehouses are a good example), there is something
satisfying about holding the hardcopy book itself. Anyway - nice job,
guys. However, since perfection is a work-in-progress, if you, kind
reader, find any typos or have any feedback (all comments welcome!), please
send me an update in care of [login to unmask email] so we can correct any errors in
the second printing.

Lou Agosta
Giga Information Group
Chicago, IL

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