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Dear DB2 Interested Parties,

IBM this week launched a new company-wide campaign for the fast
growing business intelligence market. The solutions encompass
software, servers, consulting/services, and applications.
Please see
for details of these announcements and more information on IBM's BI portfolio.

Below is today's press release regarding the software initiative, which

o New versions of software tools to help companies analyze data
and manage information:
- DB2 Intelligent Miner* for Data Version 6.1
- DB2 Intelligent Miner for Relationship Marketing Version 6.1
- DB2 OLAP Server* Version 1.1
- DB2 DataJoiner* Version 2.1.1

o Fast Start program, a cost-effective way for businesses of all
sizes to leverage information for managing customer relationships

o The Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange (CWMI) initiative

o Continued growth in IBM's Business Intelligence Partnership Program

Regards, Mike
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New Software, Partner Initiatives and Business Solutions to Help Customers
Harness Power of Business Intelligence

SOMERS, N.Y., Sept. 22, 1999 . . . IBM flexed its muscles as a business
intelligence leader today spotlighting enhanced products, new programs, and key
technology, marketing and standards initiatives designed to help companies
compete more effectively in today's e-business economy.

Business intelligence helps companies leverage their most vital asset -
information - to target their marketing efforts, enhance customer relationships,
combat fraud, slash expenses and streamline operations. IBM -- with 20% of the
global business intelligence market (World Research, Inc., "Business
Intelligence & Data Warehousing: Competitive Analysis Report," June 1999) --
offers the industry's most complete, integrated solutions, spanning software,
hardware, support and partnerships, to help companies collect, analyze and
distribute information.

IBM today launched a corporatewide initiative, backed by a $30 million
integrated marketing campaign, to broaden its customers' options and make it
easier to implement business intelligence solutions. Highlights of today's
supporting data management announcements include:

o New versions of software tools, powered by the award-winning DB2* Universal
Database, that make it easier for companies to analyze data and manage
information from a wide variety of sources.

o Fast Start, a cost-effective way for business partners to deliver customer
relationship marketing solutions to companies of all sizes.

o The Common Warehouse Metadata Interchange (CWMI) initiative, an IBM-led
industry standard effort with the Object Management Group dedicated to making
business intelligence applications more reliable and data administrators more

o Continued growth in IBM's Business Intelligence Partnership Initiative, with
more than 350 IBM business partners delivering over 580 applications to
customers worldwide.

Customers are already reaping the benefits of IBM's business intelligence
solutions. With projected online sales revenue to grow from 35 percent to 50
percent of total revenues, Wine Country, based in Winter Park, Fla., had
intended to open additional brick and mortar stores but is now committed to its
IBM e-commerce site.

"Using IBM's data management tools has enhanced our business, allowing Wine
Country to extend our market reach in a cost-effective manner," said Adam
Chilvers, president and founder, Wine Country. "IBM's DB2 Universal Database has
proven to be a reliable business intelligence solution, enabling us to make
better use of our e-business."

"IBM's business intelligence software offerings put us in a unique position to
help customers leverage the information asset so critical in today's e-business
world," said Janet Perna, general manager, data management, IBM Software
Solutions. "Today's announcements make those offerings richer in functionality,
easier to use, and faster to implement."

Business Intelligence Software

DB2 Intelligent Miner* for Data Version 6.1 brings IBM's core data-mining
technology to a broader range of users, helping them uncover intelligence from
large amounts of enterprise data, including information from transaction and
e-commerce applications. A new feature makes it easier for business analysts to
interpret information using visual techniques in addition to statistics.

DB2 Intelligent Miner for Relationship Marketing Version 6.1 delivers a suite of
Web-enabled data-mining applications that focus on customer behavior.

DB2 OLAP Server* Version 1.1 is an enterprisewide online analytical processing
system that supports multidimensional reporting and analysis. It enables users
to quickly build analytical applications using built-in math, financial and
statistical functions. These users can now interact with business data quickly
with conventional query languages and procedures, instead of using spreadsheets,
Web browsers and other intuitive interfaces.

DB2 DataJoiner* Version 2.1.1, IBM's technology for heterogeneous data access,
replication and business intelligence data management now provides access to NCR
Teradata. DB2 DataJoiner makes database queries more powerful by allowing users
to send one query to access, find and join IBM, non-IBM, relational or
non-relational, local or remote data from 55 sources.

Fast Start Program for Business Intelligence

Fast Start is a groundbreaking datamart solution that IBM business partners will
sell and use to create customized relationship marketing reporting applications
for companies of all sizes, using application templates. Businesses can use
these applications to determine their best customers, find out why customers are
leaving, determine how to attract new customers, or increase business from
existing customers.

Typically, applications can be built in only four to 12 weeks, using the
following templates: Market Analysis, Customer Complaints, Customer Attrition
Analysis, Wallet Share Analysis, and e-Commerce Analysis. The Fast Start
offering also includes IBM's datamart or data warehouse solution Visual
Warehouse*, along with DB2 Universal Database, advanced reporting and analysis
tools and servers.

Using data from the Web, traditional operational systems and other data sources,
the Fast Start solutions create a data warehouse that a business can use to
improve decision-making about marketing promotions, inventory control, staffing
and sales cycles.

Industry Standards

IBM -- along with Hyperion Solutions, NCR, Oracle Corp. and Unisys Corp. -- has
submitted a common warehouse metadata interchange (CWMI) specification to the
industry's recognized standards setting association, the Object Management Group
(OMG). The proposed standard is designed to help companies integrate e-business
systems quickly and easily by supplying a common data format for enterprise
systems that exchange data in a warehouse environment.

Business intelligence solutions are complex, involving software tools for data
access, transformation, movement, management and analysis. Without effective
standards-based metadata management, business intelligence applications tend to
be costly and time-consuming to implement. Adopting a management standard, on
the other hand, will cut development costs, help data managers be more
productive and technology staff be more focused. The end result: Improved return
on investment in business intelligence

The CWMI group plans to submit a revised specification to the OMG this winter.
IBM, Hyperion, Oracle and Unisys will actively participate within the OMG to
promote the ratification of the common warehouse metadata interchange standard
by early spring 2000. Companies and OMG members supporting this submission
include Deere, Dimension EDI, Genesis Development Corporation, and UBS AG.

In addition, IBM joined the Data Mining Group of OMG earlier this month and is
working to extend the Structured Query Language (SQL) standard to include data
mining capabilities. The IBM proposal, which covers the broadest range of mining
models in the industry, will be submitted to DMG this week.

Business Intelligence Partners

Responding to increasing market demand, IBM is teaming with business partners to
provide the industry's most complete, integrated business intelligence
solutions. To date, more than 350 business partners have joined IBM's Business
Intelligence Partnership Initiative, a number that has more that doubled since
its introduction last year.

o Brio Technology introduced Brio Enterprise for IBM DB2, an integrated set of
data analysis tools for use with DB2 Universal Database that enables both
client/server and browser-based query, analysis and reporting.

o Ardent Software developed a customer relationship management program called
Campaign Advisor that runs with DB2 DataJoiner and DB2 Intelligent Miner.

o SAMAC, through an OEM agreement with IBM, is developing and packaging data
warehouse and OLAP solutions integrating DB2 Intelligent Miner technology on the
AS/400* platform.

o SAP is working with IBM on joint technology pilot projects aimed at enabling
SAP customers to use Intelligent Miner to mine data from their SAP Business

o SPSS is providing direct, high performance access to DB2 Universal Database
using DB2's Call Level Interface (CLI). Additional plans are in progress to
support direct access to DB2 data in DB2 Intelligent Miner for Data, increasing
capability for data exploration, preparation and statistical analysis.

About IBM

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of
leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM software offers the widest range
of applications, middleware and operating systems for all types of computing
platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of
e-business. The fastest way to get more information about IBM software is
through the IBM home page at More information on
the IBM data management portfolio can be found at

* Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines

All other trademarks are the properties of their respective companies.
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