Repost: Redbook Announcement: SG24-5462-00 Storage Management with DB2 for OS/390

J. Michael Morrilll

Repost: Redbook Announcement: SG24-5462-00 Storage Management with DB2 for OS/390

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Dear DB2 Interested Parties,

The new IBM Redbook, "Storage Management with DB2 for OS/390" (SG24-5462-00,
ISBN Number 0738414204) can now be downloaded as a PDF file from (You can order hardcopy
four to six weeks following the publish date of September 21, 1999.

Below is a brief bulletin from the International Technical Support Organization
(ITSO) announcing this new redbook.

Regards, Mike
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International Technical Support Organization

IBM Redbook: Storage Management with DB2 for OS/390
Form Number: SG24-5462-00
ISBN Number: 0738414204

This redbook provides a broad understanding of disk architectures and their
impact in DB2 data set management for large installations. In addition, the
redbook will help you tailor and configure DFSMS constructs to be used in a DB2
for OS/390 environment.

This book addresses both the storage administrator and the DB2 administrator.
The DB2 administrator will find information on how to use DFSMS for managing
DB2's data sets. The storage administrator will find information on the
characteristics of DB2 data sets and how DB2 uses the disks.

After introducing the overall topics of this book, we provide a summary of our
conclusions. This will be especially useful for readers responsible for
organizing and managing DB2 data in an installation.

Publish Date: September 21, 1999

Authors: Paolo Bruni, Hans Duerr, Daniel Leplaideur, Steve Wintle

To obtain a copy of this redbook, you can:

o Access the IBM Redbooks Home page to download the PDF or view the
book online at
(if inside IBM:
o Order SG24-5462-00 through PUBORDER (Internal to IBM) or
o See 'How to Order' options (WWW, email, mail, fax, phone) at

Announcement Contact: Paolo Bruni ([login to unmask email])

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