DB2 OS390 V7.1 Acessing ORACLE tables thru DB2 UDB Table functions

Walter Trovijo Jr

DB2 OS390 V7.1 Acessing ORACLE tables thru DB2 UDB Table functions
Hi Folks,

I´m trying to setup DB2 OS/390 to access ORACLE tables thru DB2 UDB table
functions. Almost everything is working fine with some datatype conversion
issues as expected - this is Oracle 8.1.7 which does not have timestamps,
and also a weird decimal definition in my opinion; precision greater than
scale is allowed - anyway, I´ve coded a stored procedure in OS/390 to
create UDF and a corresponding view, and to issue SELECT statements and
return result sets to callers with ORACLE data; So far, so good. OTOH,
from ORACLE point of view we´re using the dblink technology to access DB2
tables, and we´re facing a problem with DECIMAL fields, because just the
whole part of the number is returned. Does anyone has any experience with
this kind of integration? Have you faced this kind of datatype problem? I
know this question is more likely to be discussed in an ORACLE forum and
our ORACLE folks is working on this problem, but I know there are lots of
experienced people in this forum, so I wanted to give it a try.

Any ideas, suggestions or comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Walter Trovijo Jr

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