LOB info - the good, bad and UGLY

Nigel Lemaire

LOB info - the good, bad and UGLY
There is an excellent Red Book - Large Objects with DB2 for z/OS and
OS/390 SG24-6571 that you might want to review.

Having LOG YES will probably drive the SS Logging crazy IMHO.

We have an "adventurous application" that will be using 2g LOBs, *and*
moving them over our network!
That will be interesting to see!

Reorg with Purge is very problematic, see IBMs response below -

At the suggestion of the IBM rep, I opened a DCR (Design Change Request)
with IBM to have REORG properly address this issue.

Here is the current technique from the ETR to "re-align" the BASE and
AUX tables..... quite manual, with a high potential for "finger checks"

Thanks for the update. I checked and tested the following procedure and
it works here: (after running the REORG with DISCARD on BASE Table)

1. Check lob tablespace---Nothing returned
2. Rebuild index----auxilary index on auxilary tablespace
3. Check data tablespace AUXERROR INVALIDATE (against base tablespace),
check message DSNU813I, which reported the orphaned lob entry's
4. Run Repair locate tablespace ROWID x'nnnnnn' VERSION x'nnnnn' Delete
(against lob tablespace)
5. Rerun check data against base tablespace, returned nothing.


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