Visual Explain 1.0.8 - download problems

Roy Boxwell

Visual Explain 1.0.8 - download problems
Hi Listers!

I am more of a mainframe guy than a PC guy so I have a question for you
all. Has anyone successfully downloaded the 1.0.8 visual explain ? On the
web site it says:-

DOWNLOAD: DB2 Visual Explain Version 8 (v.1.0.8, 2005/12/16)

and then after clicking through oodles of screens I finally get a screen
that contains this :-

Visual Explain Version 8 for DB2 for z/OS (75.6MB)

But when I then actually start the HTTP download I get a pop-up telling me
it is 62.9 MB and when I download this it is indeed the 1.0.7 version.

What am I or IBM doing wrong???

Many thanks!
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