Peopletools & Disappearing Blobs

Steve Grimes

Peopletools & Disappearing Blobs
Hello, z/OS 1.4, DB2 V7.1 here, cross-posting to DB2-L and the PeopleSoft
for DB2 for OS/390 list.

We have developed several PeopleSoft components that use the getattachment
(and related peoplesoft functions) to capture and store BLOBS in DB2.

Periodically (usually about once a month, but twice this week,) all of the
BLOBS are disappearing -- being deleted. The table is still there but
empty. We log it now (with triggers), and can see that the rows were
actually deleted in one instant.

We've tried to recreate what could be happening, but have failed so far.
Three components developed by different developers all seem to be having
this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have any suggesions? We haven't
reported it because we can't replicate it at will.

Thanks in advance..


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