Visual Explain for Windows UDB

Matthew Rhea

Visual Explain for Windows UDB
DB2 UDB 8.1.4 for Windows here.

I bound a package user the OWNER parameter (the owner is not my id) and
the EXPLAIN parameters. I click on the package in the Control Center and
choose "Show Explained Statements History". I can click on a statement
and choose "Show Access Plan" and that works fine. However, when I
choose "Show SQL Text" I get an error stating that
myuserid.explain_statement is udefined. That's a true statement; I don't
have explain tables under my id, they exist under the OWNER id I used in
the bind statement. Is there a way to change the schema in the explain
tool so that it will use the correct explain tables? The other option is
to bind using my id as the owner, which I'd rather not have to do. We
have several people that can do explains, and we'd like for the explains
to all go to the same tables. We use this technique on the mainframe, and
visual explain for z/OS let's you choose the explain tables you want. I
hope there's something similar for UDB and I just haven't found it yet.


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