DB2 z/OS V8 - DBRM conversion form U in cod e to EBCDIC

Gerald Hodge

DB2 z/OS V8 - DBRM conversion form U in cod e to EBCDIC
Basivi Inaganti

Let me try to clarify what I believe Mike is saying. You can force an
EBCDIC DBRM while in the New Function Mode of DB2 V8. It does not assist
you in falling back to V7 because of PLIST changes. The PLIST is the
parameter list that the program uses to call DB2. When the program is
precompiled in V8 NFM it uses an enhanced PLIST that is not compatible with
any DB2 below V8 NFM. To fall back you will have to again precompile in V7
and that will give you the EBCDIC DBRM.

The APAR that IBM is offering to change UNICODE into EBCDIC is just that and
nothing more. To understand the DBRM you need a display of the fields that
are still EBCDIC such as the OPTS, which we do in our browser.

If you want to discuss what we have discovered about these issues offline,
please feel free to email me or call 888-494-9019.

Gerald Hodge
HLS Technologies, Inc.

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