{Blank Subject Jan 19, 2006}

Scott Adams

{Blank Subject Jan 19, 2006}
We are working in a DB2 v7 z/OS database which will be eventually moving
to UDB on windows. We need to create triggers on the z/0S version I
believe we should be able to do this using SQL Procedure language and it
should easily transfer to the UDB windows platform with little if any
syntax changes is that correct? Also, the purpose of the triggers are
to capture all of the DML that is performed on the table and save it to
a column on an interface table. I have a couple of questions regarding
the trigger, first is there a command that is provided that will give me
the full DML that was executed so that I can just grab it and put it
into the column or will I need to build it? Also, I need to break the
DML statements up if they are longer than 4k is there a command that is
provided that will give me the length of the string or statement as


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