multiple language support

Michael Rooney

multiple language support
Where looking to expand our business internationally. Currently we have
one Production
DB2 and one test DB2 subsystem (V5) on OS/390 V2.6 and our business if
focused in the USA
(English support only).

Were looking to replicate some of our existing programs to use new tables
that will be
loaded in Spanish. The New programs will be recompiled and translated to
Spanish. The
Application is CICS based. Another Spanish CICS region will be created to
support the

Questions ?
Can one DB2 subsystem handle multiple languages ?
Can tables be loaded in native languages ?

If table A (is English) , and table B (is Spanish) , is there any
that table B can Select from table A from the same DB2 subsystem ?

Is there any PRO/CON reasons not to keep multiple language support in one
DB2 subsystem ?

I would like to Enable SYSPLEX on this region in the near future (at least
one reason
why I'd like to keep it under one subsystem).

Any feedback / experience will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
for your help.