Result Set processing alternatives

Michael Jessen

Result Set processing alternatives
Environment: DB2 z/OS v8.

We've taken the general approach for our non result set processing stored procedures: For a single source, create separate 3 load mods (1 for cics, 1 for batch, 1 for stored procedures).

If I'm calling a stored procedure (that doesn't return result sets) from CICS - instead of making the cross memory jump to execute the stored procedure in the WLM - don't call the stored procedure and just issue a call to the load module that runs in the same address space.

My question: If my stored procedure does result set processing - are there any (good) alternatives or in this type of situation, should I always call the stored procedure regardless of my calling environment?

Note: The goal is to maintain one set of source code.

I'm looking for confirmation that calling the stored procs is the 'best' solution, but I'm interested in hearing if others have chosen another method and the reasons for that choice (ie: are there performance considerations)?

Appreciate your comments!
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