DB2 Admin Server on z/OS

Steve McAuliffe

DB2 Admin Server on z/OS
Hi all,

I've been playing with the DB2 admin server on z/OS, and it works quite

The only problem is when I try and start it from outside of USS as a
started task using BPXBATCH as documented in the FAQ on the DB2 admin
server, I get the following error in the db2dasdiag.log, and the admin
server fails to start:

2006-11-30- I1C699 LEVEL: Error (OS)
PID : 33554533 TID : 0
FUNCTION: DB2 Common, OSSe, OSSHThread::create, probe:80
MESSAGE : ECF=0x90000007 Unknown
CALLED : OS, -, pthread_create OSERR: -1
ARG #2 : <hexdump>, 88 bytes
C2D7E7E8 D7E3C1E3 00000058 0000001C BPXYPTAT........
0000002C 00000048 00000010 00000001 ...............
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ...............
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ...............
00000000 00000000 00040000 00000000 ...............
00000000 00000000 ......
ARG #3 : Hex, 4 bytes
ARG #4 : Hex, 4 bytes

2006-11-30- I701C217 LEVEL: Error
PID : 33554533 TID : 0
FUNCTION: DB2 Tools, DB2 administration server,
startSocketMappingThread, probe:
DATA #1 : Sint32, 4 bytes

Has anyone seen anything similar or have any tips on how to get round
this? It works fine if I log in and start as the DASUSER id under USS.

DB2 V8
z/OS 1.6 (or 1.7 depending on the day, this is our sandpit system)

Steve McAuliffe


Steve McAuliffe

IMS, DB2, CICS, WMQ for z/OS, WMB for z/OS
Mainframe Build
Network Computing Group
Tel: (020) 8760 6988
Internal: x 66988

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