Paul Fegan

Hi All,

I think you are all missing the point. You appear to be blaming the bullet
for being a bullet. Wouldn't it be more productive to get angry at the
person behind the gun. Globalization has been around for a long time and
it's just IT's turn to get shafted by the people in power. It isn't the
Indian/Chinese/Korean ...... people you need to worry about look to your
own Governments and Big Business. They appear to think that it's a great
idea to de-skill their entire population. They don't really give a damn
about their own countries and in 10 years time, the poor sod in power will
have to deal with the fallout. If you want to stay in work in the IT
industry become a trainer, it's a real job for life, because after the
Indian population finish their skills spiral they are going to be in the
same position as us now. They will then be too expensive for big business
and they'll move on the next country Croatia ????? I've been a DBA for
around 20 years and I worked in the UK for 6 years recently where most of
the large IT companies have shipped 60%+ of their work offshore. So I know
for a fact that the writing is already on the wall, all you have to do is
look at the staff turnovers in the Indian offices to see that it's only a
matter of 5 or 6 more years before the salaries reach critical mass.

If you don't like what your own governments are allowing big business to
do then VOTE. I doubt it will help in the long run because all politicians
are the same once they get into power but it is your only option, unless
you want to consider a change of employment. The only jobs that are really
safe are jobs which can't be shipped off shore.

This has been a party political broadcast for the down trodden DBA's of
the World.

Sorry Willie I know you didn't want any more posts on this topic but at
least this one isn't offensive (I hope???)

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