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Hugh Lapham

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"... de-skill the developers ..." . . . hurry everyone -- another
outsourcing opportunity ;-))

>>> "Davies, Ian" <[login to unmask email]> 2006-12-05 12:59:19
Hi Brad,

Going with what Joel said, we have to support a number of applications
that use Hibernate and it makes for some interesting tuning exercises.
The SQL it generates might work moderately well in a development
environment but, in our experience, does not scale well. The best thing
about hand coded DML is that it can be kept simple and simple SQL is
pretty damn portable these days and pretty efficient, even if you forego
the idiosyncrasies.

Other than the performance impact the use of Hibernate seems to
de-skill the developers such that they do not understand the data as
well as they should and finally, my biggest peeve, I keep getting asked
by the developers to change the data model to make the product easier to
work with, OIDs anyone?


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