CREATE TABLE ABC.table like XYZ.table question

Georg Peter

CREATE TABLE ABC.table like XYZ.table question
DB2 for z/OS v7

Fellow Collegues,

I have to "clone" 172 tables, 298 views and about 224 indexes for an
"extra-copy" of an existing application.

The worst thing is that I do not have a cloning tool. And I do not have
the complete DDL especially for the 172 CREATE TABLE's.

When I run "CREATE TABLE ABC.table like XYZ.table..." I will get an
exact copy of the table XYZ.table - correct ?

But what happens with the primary key of this table ? Will this primary
key build also automatically ? Or do I have to ALTER the table (= adding
a PK) later ?

Some good ideas for me ?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to provide.

With kind regards - mit freundlichen Gruessen,
G e o r g H . P e t e r
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