WLM-adresspaces uses to much storage

Patrick Steurs

WLM-adresspaces uses to much storage

We are using z/Os 1.5 and DB2 v7.1

I have a problem with one of our WLM-adressspaces. When this adresspace
starts , it uses a fairly small amount of storage ( a few Megabytes ).
But after a while it starts to grow until we ( sometimes ) get a
storage problem. At certain moments, one of these adresspaces reaches
more than 200 Megabytes of storage. All of our WLM-adressspaces have
been created with the same parameters, though I have only a problem with
the WLM-adressspaces of one specific db2. Has anyone an idea ?

Patrick Steurs

Dba at Central Bank of Belgium
Nbb - Sydsdb
Tel : 02/2215384
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