For the folk in the Houston area

William Favero

For the folk in the Houston area
Hi all,

As some of you may know, we are trying to get the Houston DB2 User group
going again. I had a post a few weeks ago on my blog (see -
) making that announcement and trying to build support. We even received
some mention on the IDUG website. However, I'm sorry to say, the
interest, as far as people who have contacted me directly, seems to be
very low so far.

I know we have a bunch of folks within reasonable driving distance of
Houston that use DB2 and I think we can make this happen. But I really
need to know who will support this effort.. To get the attendance, we
need quality speakers. If we are going to get quality speakers, we need
to have the attendance to attract them.

So drop me a private e-mail and let me know what a user group meeting
needs to look in order to get you interested in attending.

BTW, we are talking all DB2's, not just mainframe..

Thanks for the time


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