Real Time Statistics Informational APAR and CPU usage

Max Scarpa

Real Time Statistics Informational APAR and CPU usage
Good morning/afternoon/evening esteemed listers

Maybe I've work to do using RTS. Have to do some evaluations but it sound
a thing that could work. Some question came out and WHO if not DB2-L
listers can give an asnwer, who're without distinction
talented, the ladies gorgeous and men handsome ( (I'm the only negligible
exception, so's life, and my bosses would agree as well - OK you can
offend/beat me offline....).

I searched for fixes for RTS and I found a lot of them so I was wondering
if there's an Informational APAR for RST like the APAR II13767 for LOBs.
Is there such APAR ?

I'm planning to activate RTS in out test env to check how much cpu usage
so the other classic question: how much CPU do RTS eat ? This question was
posted in the past but I'd like to have some recent values, if any.

I read in some post that some users are happily using RTS, other aren't
using them. For people using RTS, are they useful to cut CPU usage due to
RUNSTATS utility (if knew) ? Any particular issue with storage (I saw
many PTFs dealing with storage) ? We aren't in data sharing .

Last question: a good hair shampoo ? Ok you can skip this
question......I'm bald.

Thank you in advance for replies, online and offline.

Best regards

Max Scarpa
DB2 sysprog (or something similar)

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