Converting to coprocessor with apost as default

Tom Glaser

Converting to coprocessor with apost as default

We are currently using zparms DSQLDELI=APOST and DELIM=DEFAULT (which is
QUOTE) and would like to change to DELIM=APOST. By the way, the
applications specify APOST in the precompile step.

We are researching the possibility of moving from the precompiler to the
coprocessor, mainly because of a software migration tool called ChangeMan.

Has anyone moved from DELIM=DEFAULT to APOST and from using the precompiler
to the coprocessor? I would be very interested to hear about your
experiences. Did you encounter any coding changes, any SQL changes or any
problems with dynamic SQL.


Tom Glaser
DB2 Systems Support
(314) 340-0980
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