[Somewhat off topic] Language, language

James Campbell

[Somewhat off topic] Language, language
FYI, in the interests of understanding other cultures, the asterisks in the message below
replace a verb which, in the Australian vernacular, has a very different meaning from the
one which, I hope, Joe meant. If you ever visit this great country DO NOT use it in a context
in which obscene language would not be tolerated. (As a pure noun it holds the meaning of
the underground part of a plant, it is only as a verb that it has this meaning. Just to confuse
things further "route" has the same pronounciation here - "What's your route?", when
spoken, could lead to an interesting conversation.)

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=<substitute original word>
will explain why. The explanation does contain a word which is universally recognised as

James Campbell

On 26 Jan 2007 at 10:03, Joe Burns wrote:
> Re: [DB2-L] Non-Correlated subquery and sparse index

> Hi Suresh,
> Well, it looks like the CAST function is a winner. I put it in and things
> started running much better. So the following SQL performs fairly well.
> It only seems to work if I cast to the exact length as the CLI_NM from
> TABLE_1, but that is perfectly fine for my uses.
> And when the query runs, it performs fairly well, so I suspect the sparse
> index is being build and used by DB2. That's great. Thanks for the
> suggestion. I'll give credit where it's due, and you deserve some (even
> if you do
> ****
> for a very poor football team).
> But seriously, thanks again for the suggestion.
> Regards,
> Joe.

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