z/OS DDF timeouts RC00D3003B

Avram Friedman

z/OS DDF timeouts RC00D3003B
After going to PUT0607+ to pick up zIIP support and HIPERS
we are getting more DDF time outs RC00D3003B on several different DB2's and several different applications ... it is not likely that this is a new application error but it could be an closed loophole.

We have been working with IBM Level 2 exchanging a lot of information, traces, syslogs logrecs etc. IBM, as always, has been very helpful and cooperative but does not see anything that appears to be a defect.

This leaves us with the unpleasant options of
A backing off the current service or changing
B changing CMTSTAT to active and or
C changing IDTHTOIN to 0 (or a very large number)

We do not want to back off the service as it will create future political problems with staying current.
We are concerned about CMTSTAT and IDTHTOIN which require a DB2 restart to change might expose new problems.

Our difficulty is apparently new be it a defect or closed loop hole. We are fairly current once again on service.
The problem seems to happen with threads that use the ODBC driver.
We do have threads that come through a gateway with DB2 Connect 8.2 FP12 we are upgrading the gateway to FP14.
Lots of the clients ate at FP10 service is more difficult for us to push to the clients.

Can any one offer any words or advice / experience with related ZPARMS, and options.

Thank You
Avram Friedman
202-680-6652 at work

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