[LUW] Federation Definition / CLP & GUI differences...

Cuneyt Goksu

[LUW] Federation Definition / CLP & GUI differences...
Hello DB2 Family,

This is DB2 V8.2 EE for z/Linux.

The case is there are 2 linux boxes. Some tables of 2nd will be accessed
from the 1st one through federation.
Network, DBM Config definitions are all OK.

All the following DB2 definitions are done through CLP of the 1st box.

1) catalog tcpip node lnx4 remote server db2c_db2inst1 with 'RSNF
Prod Linux 4'

2) catalog database rsnf as rsnflnx4 at node lnx4

3) create wrapper drda

4) create server SERRSNF type DB2/LINUX version 8.2 wrapper DRDA
AUTHORIZATION "db2inst1" password "db2inst1" options ( node 'LNX4', dbname

5) create user mapping for rsnfs server SERRSNF options (remote_authid
'db2inst1', remote_password 'db2inst1')

So far so good w/o any errors.
Between 2-3, I can do remote connection with Select w/o any problem to the
2nd box. uids/pwds are install ids (db2inst1) which has full auth.

When I issued the

6) create nickname rsnfs.cuneyt for serrsnf.rsnfs.cuneyt

I receive
SQL1101N Remote database "rsnflnx4" on node "lnx4" could not be accessed
the specified authorization id and password. SQLSTATE=08004

I'm stuck at that point. Because If I do all definitions (1-6) from GUI it
works! I do selects from GUI but if I do select from CLP I receive the same
error message above again....

Somehow CLP interface crashing uid/pwd or something else

Linux working UTF and target DB Codepage is IBM-1046
GUI is on Windows with Codepage 1252

Any comments are welcomed.

Have a nice weekend.


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