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Troy Coleman's Blog

Hi DB2 user,

Here is a non-profit Blog about DB2 for z/OS (IBM mainframes):
Last update on Monday, November 26th 2007
Troy Coleman published several posts about DB2 for z/OS on his blog DB2utor:

- DB2 9 Index with Expressions- DB2 9 Mysteries of DB2 Storage Groups- Smart Reoptimization for Dynamic SQL- Evolution of Online Schema Change to Database Definition on Demand- Reserved Words in DB2 9 for z/OS- Explaining How DB2 Will Get Data for a Given SQL Statement- What Makes Compressed Indexes Tick?- PureXML: Why Is This Feature So Important to Your Business?- DB2 V9 Logged vs. Not Logged- DB2 V9 Reordered Row Format-What Does It Mean to Me?- MERGE Statement Simplifies Batch Processing and Improves Performance- Moving to DB2 V9 Soon?- Using Universal Table Space
Regards, DB2usa.

PS: DB2usa website is still available at:

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