[ADMIN] The DB2L migration is set for November 30th

William Favero

[ADMIN] The DB2L migration is set for November 30th
The DB2-L list is moving this weekend. This move should bring
stability to the list and give us the option to be more flexible in the
future. Of course, to make things better, there will be the small cost
of an outage, although we hope a very small outage.

This conversion and migration will require a brief stop in service of
the DB2-L list as the old and new servers are synchronized. However, we
expect this out to be very brief. As subscribers, this transition
should be relatively seamless. All existing messages are being archived
and migrated. How list messages are distributed will remain the same.

These changes are being undertaken to create a more robust and reliable
hosting infrastructure.

Thanks in advance for your understanding

Willie Favero
List Administrator
List Moderator

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IDUG is pleased to announce a series of upgrades to the DB2-L discussion listserv that are being implemented to improve reliability and the overall user experience of DB2-L. These changes are coming on November 30th. Details at http://www.idug.org

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