Dropping Foreign Key constraints with HADR - issues

Penny Jaskulke

Dropping Foreign Key constraints with HADR - issues
We have been experiencing a slowdown when using HADR with a batch loader.
The table had 3 foreign key constraints and was in nearsync mode. Through
trial and error (setting up test tables that did and did not have constraints)
we found that it looked like the foreign keys were causing the issue and by
removing them, it would speed up the log shipping to the remote server. We
removed the foreign keys, but it didn't speed up, even though the table shows
that they are gone. The one difference is that we tested it on a new table,
whereas the remove was on an existing table. We did a runstats, then reorg,
runstats and rbind on the existing table, but it still doesn't speed up. Does
anyone or has anyone seen this before? IBM L-3 is working the problem also.
We just need to figure out how to get these constraints off in order to speed
up the process, and deal with the code fix later. On V8.2 Linux.

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