DEC VAX (was RE: [DB2-L] It's Friday and here's something for the older mainframe liste

Philip Sevetson

DEC VAX (was RE: [DB2-L] It's Friday and here's something for the older mainframe liste

You must be a recent graduate ;-)

In my time, our college used a PDP 11/70 running RSTS/E. I never did get the hang of programming that - took an assembler course in college which was a complete waste of time... I remember NOTHING of the course.

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We still have ROSCOE (now owned by CA) at our shop, although we are looking to be off it entirely in early '09.
I remember in college using a DEC VAX which was at a remote location (my alma mater couldn't afford a computer of their own). It was a dial up connectionand you had to seat the phone handset ina coupler. If you didn't have it just right you got gibberish all over the screen. I got lots of gibberish.
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