[Nostalgia] It's Friday and here's something for the older mainframe listers!

Nick Cianci

[Nostalgia] It's Friday and here's something for the older mainframe listers!
It's Friday in Oz, and the bugs are all quiet. Nothing is stirring not
even a mouse. :-)

2 brief tales:

* When I left Uni I got to work on an IMS DC project (mid-80's).
I thought that IMS was the bees-knees, especially after a mate of mine
(who was working with CICS) told me that one of their application
programmers coded a "STOP RUN" in their Cobol code rather than a "GO
BACK". So the code duti-fully went back to the calling program and
terminated it; i.e.: the CICS region itself !

* A couple of years later I found myself on-site at a
petro-chemical companies warehouse, working on a Micro-Vax with VMS &
Oracle as part of a team writing controlling S\W for an automated
warehouse. One day during testing the Micro-Vax kept crashing &
re-booting. We were wondering what the %$^%# was going on. At about the
same time one of the guys complained that his coffee was absolutely
shocking. I tasted mine and said that it tasted like some-one had
poured a table-spoon of salt into it. It turns out that the tap we'd
been filling our kettle from was contaminated with sea-water & the
kettle was on the same circuit as ... you guessed it ... the Micro-Vax.
The power cord to the kettle was also too hot to touch.

Buon Natale e Felice d'Anno Nuovo



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