CN=Radhakrishnan Gopinath/OU=CHE/O=INeFunds is out of the office.

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CN=Radhakrishnan Gopinath/OU=CHE/O=INeFunds is out of the office.
I will be out of the office starting 12/24/2007 and will not return until 12/31/2007.

My backup details for the period 24th Dec - 31st Dec are as below.

Online Certification will be Chandra - ChandraSekhar V/CHE/INeFunds - 414-341-3737 Extn:8641, Group
Email ID - SDC_Certification_Team

Offline Certification will be Ponz, - Ponmozhi T/CHE/INeFunds - 414-341-3737 Extn:8642 - Group Email
ID - SDC_Offline_Certification

C.Installation Services - Shweta - Shweta Rao Ranganathan/CHE/INeFunds - +91 99400 66397. Group
Email ID - SDC_Installation_Services

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