"500 Lines" posting limitation

Philip Sevetson

"500 Lines" posting limitation
Plain text generally works, and I've had to use it with just about every
reply I make to the List these days. I'm not happy about it, though,
because it's a workaround that requires us to give up emphasis and just
about every enhancement that rich text provides, never mind HTML.

I realize the administrators are volunteers/unpaid... but would it be
too much trouble for SOMEONE to look into the question of why we _have_
to have a limit of 500 lines, as opposed to, say, 64K/128K/256K

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Hey Mark,

I had a look at my last post on the Archives, and it says it was 316
lines - or about 250 more than it seems to me to be. And if I open it
it says there's text/plain lines of 49, and text/html of 192 lines. So
I really don't know what's going on with the record count. Like you, I
think it makes sense to have at least the last 'history' message so you
can follow the trail, but if it means posts get cut it might not always
be the case.

Guess I might try Cuneyt's suggestion of plain text and see what



From: DB2 Data Base Discussion List [mailto:[login to unmask email] On
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Subject: Re: [DB2-L] DB2 9 DBA for z/OS Certification [off topic >500

Raymond, I am getting the same problem with > 500 lines - I haven't
actually counted them, but most times it appears < 500 ?!?.

I think when folks include the previous message (which I like to do),
the list server tags on all the splurb at the end of every
concatenation, so it quickly multiplies the possibility of exceeding 500

Perhaps the administrators could look at this ?
Mark Vickers.

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