IBM Technotes (FAQ) about DB2 for z/OS

John. Dee

IBM Technotes (FAQ) about DB2 for z/OS

Hi DB2 user, Here is a non-profit Blog about DB2 for z/OS (IBM mainframes): Last update on Monday, January 14th 2008

Here are several Technotes (FAQ), available on IBM DB2 for z/OS website:

- Installation Verification Procedures (IVP) Problems- Finding DECLARE CURSOR statements in the DB2 catalog in DB2 Version 8- Where can I find the service-end dates for all versions of DB2?

- Running the RACF access control exit routine for one DB2 version ....- User catalog is out of space- Does the MODIFY RECOVERY utility always gets an exclusive DBD lock ...

- Comma as decimal point- Packages versus plans- Can I use the cross-loader function with LOB columns?

- DB2 coprocessor/precompiler: Generated structures for LOB and XML host variables- What settings control the DDF enclave portion of CPU usage?- How do I find the service level of a specific DB2 module?

- How can I find the secondary IDS for a given primary ID- Can I load ROWID columns that are defined as GENERATED ALWAYS?- Automating COLGROUP and RUNSTATS

- Can I use large object data types (LOBs) in DB2 for z/OS?- DESCSTAT subsystem parameter- Where can I find books about DB2 for z/OS?

- SQLCODE -104 on a CREATE TRIGGER statement using syntax supported by DB2 LUW- Version 8 BIND when JCL points to Version 7 libraries- Receiving SQLCODE -301 when running the REXX application program

Regards, DB2usa. PS: DB2usa website is still available at:

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