Mark Horrocks


Using UDB V8 on AIX, I am seeing a high percentage of the above page
cleaning i.e. 40% of the total page cleaning triggers are 'NO VICTIM BUFFER

Also when working out the average number of pages written by the IOCLEANERS
it woks out at 5 pages per cleaner which indicates aggressive cleaning.

I know the manual says increase the NUMIOCLEANERS but looking at other
Bufferpool writes to Asnchronous indicate the number of cleaners is right.

So my question is,

1). What is the exact circumstance of a 'NO VICTIM BUFFER AVAILABLE'

Does it mean no pages in the bufferpool to replace so should we increase the

I have already increase the bufferpools in increments.

This scenario is not well documented so hope the IBM labs can throw some
light on this.

Many Thanks,

Mark Horrocks.

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