Press Release - DB2 Disaster Recovery Automation

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Press Release - DB2 Disaster Recovery Automation

DB2 Disaster Recovery
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Recovery Knowledge, an IBM Business Partner, is pleased to announce an
enhanced version 5.0 of the GENDB2 software product. GENDB2 is a product that
automates the recovery of DB2 for OS/390-z/OS resources Off-site Disaster
Recovery as well as On-site and automates many utilities used by the DB2 DBAs and
DB2 System Programmers. The enhancements to the GENDB2 software product

DSN1COPY -- Using Image Copies to copy tablespaces from one DB2 to another.
Automated generation of JCL and Control cards for DBID, PSIB, and OBIDs
1) To same DB2.
2) To another DB2 with all IDs on same complex sharing datasets.
3) To another DB2 with all IDs on another complex NOT sharing datasets.
4) Check
5) Print

RECOVER SAP TABLESPACES Or Grouping of any DB2 Tablespaces.
1) Recovery Forward
2) Recovery TORBA using System Wide Quiesce RBA residing on BSDS.

UNLOAD/LOAD The unloaded information tables and control cards are now
stored in DB2 tables allowing the customer to retrieve and load tables as far back
as the first unload using the GENDB2 software.

UNLOAD - Option to take backups of unloaded data and control cards to be
used at Local site or Remote site.

UNLOAD - Now GENDB2 will do the BLDG for SYSPUNCH and SYSRECXX to create
generation data groups for these tablespaces unloaded tables.

UNLOAD - The customer may now implement the UNLOAD GENDB2 generated jobs
into production status.

LOAD - Now the customer can do a restart of the Load process in case of

LOAD - Now the customer can select only certain tables to be loaded when
tables are destroyed.

LOAD - The customer may now implement the LOAD GENDB2 generated jobs into
production status using the Exclude table to exclude specified tables based on
target DB2id and target database.

Enhanced DR - Feature to allow the customer to display GENDB2 tables
regarding Disaster Recovery.
1) The Archive Log Copy recording information (Original and Copied volume
serial numbers, and data set names (BSDS and Archive) with TIMESTAMP can now
be displayed.
2) Display Start/End RBA and LRSN for latest Archive Log Registration.
3) Display Conditional Restart CRestart
4) Display Start RBA for DSN1LOGP

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