[AD]A Powerful Approach to Index Optimization for DB2 on z/OS

Javid Ahmed

[AD]A Powerful Approach to Index Optimization for DB2 on z/OS
EZ-DB2 Webinar Series: Please join us on January 23rd at 12PM EST


DB2 index design optimization offers perhaps the single greatest opportunity to
improve individual SQL as well as overall system performance. Maintaining an
optimal index design, however, requires continuous reevaluation of the design
against a constantly changing application environment (i.e. SQL Workload). It
is simply not feasible for a DBA team to consider all possible index
permutations at a point in time, and to re-perform this exercise on an ongoing
basis. Automation is a necessity. EZ-Index Analyzer and EZ-Index Optimizer
(EZ-XOP) are the industry’s leading solutions for index design optimization. EZ-
Index Analyzer and EZ-XOP are used to optimize the index design of both
home grown databases as well as those underlying complex off the shelf
applications such as PeopleSoft and SAP.

EZ-Index Analyzer and EZ-XOP are workload-centric optimization solutions.
Both make recommendations from the perspective of your existing SQL
workload(s) – taking into account not just individual SQL statements, but also
frequency of execution.

EZ-Index Analyzer determines how well your SQL Statements are served by
your existing Index design. EZ-Index Analyzer lists 'used' and 'not used'
indexes, analyzes the predicates used in SQL Statements against the existing
Index design, identifies where new and/or modified indexes would improve
performance, and reveals where different predicates would make better use of
existing Indexes.

EZ-XOP takes a ‘clean slate’ approach to index design. In a sandbox
environment, EZ-XOP drops the existing index design and uses patented
algorithms and evolutionary techniques to establish and evaluate all possible
index combinations. EZ-XOP Interacts with the DB2 Optimizer to re-cost the
SQL workload across alternative index combinations. Through a complex
sequence of iterations it evolves the optimal index design for a given workload
and presents this back to the user with respect to the existing index design.
Index tuning per EZ-XOP recommendations yeilds a dramatic improvement in
system performance and resource utilization.

For a presentation and demo of how EZ-Index Analyzer and EZ-Index
Optimizer can address the ongoing challenge of index optimization, please
attend our upcoming webinar on Wednesday January 23rd at 12PM EST / 9AM

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