Query Patroller

Haldur Johansen

Query Patroller

I am on DB2 8.1.16 on Windows and have problems with Query Patroller.

I created ts like this:
db2 create tablespace qpc managed by system using ('r:\FBK\FBDWxxdp\qpc')
db2 create tablespace qpr managed by system using ('r:\FBK\FBDWxxdp\qpr')

and run qpsetup like this:
qpsetup db fbdwxxdp control_tablespace qpc
control_path 'r:/fbk/fbdwxxdp/qpc' result_tablespace qpr
result_path 'r:/fbk/fbdwxxdp/qpr' replace

But when I do:
qpstart fbdwxxdp

I get this:

C:\>qpstart fbdwxxdp
IBM DB2 Query Patroller Version 8, (c) Copyright IBM Corp. 1998 - 2004. All righ
ts reserved.
DQP0432E Unable to communicate with the DB2 Query Patroller Java process.

and my qpdiag.log says:

2008-11-21-10.40.00 Instance:FBK Database:fbdwxxdp Node
PID:2700(qplaunch.exe) Query Patroller Server unknown
qpLauncher.C: line 383

QueryController or Terminator java process has terminated or failed.

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards,
Haldur Johansen
Systems Programmer DB2


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