IBM Oracle On The Air Webcast - "IBM System z, IBM DB2 9 & Oracle PeopleSoft

Brian Holroyd

IBM Oracle On The Air Webcast - "IBM System z, IBM DB2 9 & Oracle PeopleSoft
Good morning,

I'm doing a Webinar on December 4th with IBM on DB2 9 and PeopleSoft.

I'm sure most of you are already up to speed on new DB2 9 features from the many other webinars, conference presentations and articles. But unlike the ones that I've attended, I tested the features against large DB2 databases to validate whether they deliver as advertised.

Please join us to find out.


IBM Oracle On The Air Webcast - "IBM System z, IBM DB2 & Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise" on
December 4 at 11:00 AM New York Time (ET)

Please join this IBM webcast and hear what DB2 9 means to IBM System z PeopleSoft Enterprise users. IBM and Oracle have conducted extensive testing to quantify the benefits of running PeopleSoft Enterprise with DB2 9 on
System z. You will learn about several new DB2 9 features that were tested and documented
in a PeopleSoft Enterprise environment including: Index page sizes, index compression, histograms, not
logged tablespaces and REOPT(ONCE). Other related topics will also be discussed in this exciting webcast.


Brian Holroyd is an IBM Gold Consultant and Data Champion specializing in PeopleSoft Database
Administration, Performance and Training on the DB2 for z/OS platform. He has spent the last 13 years
in various roles at PeopleSoft, including Performance Engineering and Customer support. He has been
a regular speaker at IDUG, PeopleSoft Connect, Share and other industry conferences, and has assisted
customers around the world with their PeopleSoft implementations.

Mike Curtis joined IBM in 1979. His job experience includes 5 years as a Program Support Rep, 8 years
as a large system and telecommunications System Engineer, 4 years as an Availability Specialist and 10
years at the IBM/PeopleSoft International Competency Center as the mainframe technology specialist.

All IBMers, Business Partners, and customers requiring the latest information about IBM System z, IBM
DB2 & Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise

Date: December 4 - 2008
Start Time: 11:00 - 12:00 ET (NY time)
Duration: 60 minutes

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Brian Holroyd
IBM Gold Consultant and Data Champion
PeopleSoft Enterprise DB2 DBA and Performance Tuning Specialist


* IDUG 2009 Denver, CO, USA * May 11-15, 2009 * http://IDUG.ORG/lsNA *

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