INSERT'ing from SQL Server into DB2

John Lantz

INSERT'ing from SQL Server into DB2
We are trying to use a 4 part name to insert into DB2 from a SQL Server


The problem is performance. Behind the scenes via a monitor, I can see that
a " select * from "M1DB2T"."PACST"."PAT_TRAN_DTL" FOR FETCH ONLY;" is
being done. The problem is that this is a 7 million row table. Needless to say
the INSERT takes forever because of the SELECT that is being done.

Has anybody tried this? Any solution? I seem to remember before when
trying to do it via an openquery that a suggestion was to put some kind of
WHERE criteria that would not find any rows (eg. where 1=2). But the 4 part
naming syntax does not allow that.


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