Problem with RTS reorgleafnear/v8 z/os

Mike Backes

Problem with RTS reorgleafnear/v8 z/os
We have serveral indexes that have been reorganized within the last
month or so, that are now maxing out the integer type
Of reorgleafnear. Not sure what could be causing this and I was
wondering if anyone else had any similar experience on what is going on

I did not have any utilities or any other type of abends that would
cause this or anything like that, and most of these are fairly
Indexes on smallish tablespaces.(non partitioned).

2008-10-24- 3240 2147483647 12
2008-10-24- 900 2147483647 64
2008-10-24- 43801 2147483647 2264
2008-10-24- 181260 2147483647 1866
2008-10-24- 80820 2147483647 5030
2008-10-24- 2520 2147483647 92
2008-10-24- 30060 2147483647 1455
2008-10-24- 2160 2147483647 368

In addition We seem to be having another intermittent problem with the
reorg utility not updating the normal catalog statistics.
For example we run a reorg, and everything but the index statistics in
the catalog get updated. The tablespace statistics get updated,
Ther rts for tablespace and indexspace get updated, but not the
indexspace statistics for the catalog. No error messages from the
utility nor any kind of hint that something didn't work.

Mike Backes


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