DB2 ZOS - V8 - Christmas puzzle on remote SQL call error RSN = 00F30016

Missy J. Case

DB2 ZOS - V8 - Christmas puzzle on remote SQL call error RSN = 00F30016
Ladies & Gentlemen,

We have defined masking views to mask vital information from select by defining procedures that alter values of columns for return to test. We allow cross-DB2 selects (test to prods) but only using the masking views. There is a routine that alters the values called MASK_NAME.

OK - now we have tried SPUFI, TEP, TIAUL & all permutations of batch & online access to the remote view - they all fail, although using DBA authority & bypassing the MSKN view the select against the base table does work. Which tells us it's something in the masking view/routine/wlm.....

The procedure is controlled in the DM started tasks across all systems.

In started task $FDRPDM this error is returned:
818 SPAS_SERV_SP FAILED WITH RRS RC = 00000100 RSN = 00F30016 SSN =
********************* Text Below Copyright (c) 2008, IBM *********************
QW shows this on the RSN code.....

Explanation: The attachment facility specified an invalid FRBRALE value.
The value is outside the limits of those supported for the requesting
connection. This can occur in many cases, one of which is when an SQL call
is requested with a blank plan name by the requester.

This reason code is issued by the following CSECT: DSNAPRHX

System Action: The request is not processed.

User Response: A dump should be taken for problem analysis.

System Programmer Response: Obtain all dumps taken by the attachment
facility and requesting application.

Problem Determination: Register 1 contains a pointer to the FRB at the
entry to DSNAPRHX. FRBRALE contains the invalid value that was passed. The
value passed is not consistent with the resources allocated to the
connected application.

If the plan name contains blanks, an SQL call is invalid. The requester
should respecify the plan name and issue the request again.

Thanks for your time & assistance.

Missy Case
SYSDB DB2 Performance DBA
z/OS Database Systems
First Data USA - GTO Enterprise Services
Office: 701-275-6358

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