[DB2-L] DB2 9 Compression Dictionary

Walter Janißen

[DB2-L] DB2 9 Compression Dictionary

In V8 we had a problem with this, because there was a bug in DB2. But after installing a PTF (haven't the number at hand) DB2 works as expected. The empty partitions got their dictionary, when loaded.

As you may know, in DB2 V9 CM there is a new option for LOAD: COPYDICTIONARY. I have tested it and it works, but the syntax is a bit different than described in the cover letter:


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In reviewing the manual it is clear that tablespaces using partition-by-growth have one single dictionary. I am assuming this implies that tablespaces for range partitioned objects still use one dictionary per partition. If yes, the question is if I do a LOAD RESUME on a partitioned object that contains data, but no data inthe partition(s) that get loaded, will the utility build a dictionary for those previously empty partitions?

The manual is a bit unclear and we won't get to testing this quite yet.

Also, users do be aware that we have had tablespaces where DB2 9 built less efficient dictionaries that DB2 V8 and the reorg job did run out of space.


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