net.dat and db2 z/os Plan/packages access

Rosina Porco

net.dat and db2 z/os Plan/packages access
we are DB2v8 z/os

my questions are in regards to implementing security to db2 from a .net
program .

I am not familiar with .net and was wondering if there is a way to bind these
programs to create db2 packages /collections .

Are you only allowing table privileges/ access to data via stored procedures?

What /how is your security set ? are you using super accounts encrypted
password ?
Typically we do not allow individual account to have any access to db2
data . We grant plan owners access to the tables and a racf user group can
exec the packages in a specific db2 plan . Can I achieve this with .net ?

I would like to know if plan/packageset parametrs strings can be passed
from .net to db2

I hope I make sense because this .Net is all new to me I just want to protect
db2 data .

thank you very for your help


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