Scheduling JCLs/tasks via DB2 itself

Kapil Mathur

Scheduling JCLs/tasks via DB2 itself
Hi Listers,

I am looking for any educational material, presentations, actual
experiences from any DB2 on z/OS site that is successfully using the IBM
supplied suite of DB2 stored procedures and functions for administrative-task
scheduling like SYSPROC.ADMIN_TASK_ADD and function
ADMIN_TASK_STATUS etc ... the coverage in the DB2 v8 Administration Guide
is light on the setup involved, the limitations, overheads and the appropriate
usage of this functionality ...

e.g. Is any site using jobs associated with DB2START ot DB2STOP?

Is there a clear-cut advantage to moving any DB2 maintenance utility
scheduling away from the "classic" centrally-managed batch-cycle typically
administered by CA-7 or equivalent software on z/OS?

TIA for your guidance


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