DB2 Connect v9.5 & DB2 z/OS v8

Steve Whittaker

DB2 Connect v9.5 & DB2 z/OS v8
We are currently running DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition v8.2 FP14 on our
desktops and various servers. Our DB2 on z/OS is being upgraded to V8 CM
mode as we speak and we'll move up to the NFM during the next several

My question is: Is anyone out there using DB2 Connect Enterprise
Edition v9.5 with DB2 z/OS v8 and if so have you run into any issues or
likes or dislikes with the new v9.5 of DB2 Connect??

Would appreciate any feedback and feel free to contact me offline from
the forum if you'd like.



Steve Whittaker

DB2-DBA @ Progress Energy

TPP 12 C2

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Raleigh, NC



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