Inter-DB2 CDB encryption

Roy Reynolds

Inter-DB2 CDB encryption
In z/OS DB2 V9 there is a column in SYSIBM.LOCATIONS for 'SECURE' that
causes SSL to be used for outbound communications.
In V8 there was no such column. But there is a column in SYSIBM.IPNAMES
called SECURITY_OUT that says option 'E' means 'The option is "userid,
password, and security-sensitive data encryption". Outbound connection
requests contain an authorization ID and a password. The password is
obtained from the SYSIBM.USERNAMES table. The USERNAMES column must specify 'O'.
This option indicates that the userid, password, and security-sensitive data
are to be encrypted. '
Question: What is security-sensitive data and where can I define it?
My need to to ensure data transmitted between two z/OS sites, one running V8
and the other running V9 have all data including userid/password/data stream
encrypted. Is this possible or must I have both sites at V9 and using SSL ports?


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