ADMIN: Test messages

Robert Galambos

ADMIN: Test messages
Just a quick note about test messages. There is no need, nor do we encourage usages of them in this listserv.

If you are testing to see if you are subscribed, wait a bit. if you don't get a message within a day at most then there maybe an issue. if that is the case, you can contact the administrators of the list by posting a message to [login to unmask email]

Also remembering that most of you subscribed using email and would have received a confirmation anyways stating that you subscribed.

So if really need to know that you are subscribed, why not contribute to the community. Ask a question, respond to a question, or create a thread on a DB@ subject. in this way you will know if your subscription is up, and the same time positively add to the posts/threads within this community.

thanks for you understanding

Robert Galambos CIPP/C CIPP/IT

Compuware Senior Technical Specialist
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IBM Certified DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administration
Certified Information Privacy Professional/Canada
Certified Information Privacy Professional/Information Technology

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